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Atlanta, January 16th-17th, 2024

VIP DAYS January 14th-15th, 2024

The only event where everyone in the room is a 7 or 8-Figure digital entrepreneur building service based agencies.
Agency owners come together and share strategies that THEY DO NOT WANT TO SHARE PUBLICLY.
This is a room of collaboration. Not competition.

Welcome to Agency Founders

8 Figure agency owners pulling back the curtain to yet again reveal what elite agencies do differently than everyone else. The information shared at this event by our speakers has NEVER publicly been discussed. All speakers are actively running 8-figure agencies in today’s world.

This event is designed to do one thing:

Give you the blueprint to build an agency that can grow without you while also surrounding you with like minded agency owners, like yourself.

This is the HIGHEST level agency group at any one single event in today’s world.

Why attend agency founders live?

UNPRECEDENTED Access to Industry Leaders & Market Movers

We've compiled the A-team when it comes to serious players who've changed the game when it comes to growing an agency. All of them flying in from all over the world to be in one room together for a few days.

Networking Guaranteed to Add a Couple Zeros to Your Annual Revenue

That old saying “Your network is your net worth” has never been more true. Over the last 5 years we have made DOZENS of potentially million-dollar connections that opened the door to exclusive events, generated a ton of opportunities, and even directly landed us clients. And we've reached out to our network to give you the exact same opportunity. The people in this room are 7 & 8-figure earners.

A No-Pitch, Value First Approach

We've all been to events that just feel like one big pitch fest. Well, not here. Each and every session is stuffed to the GILLS with piping hot value. Many presentations have yet to ever be done publicly, so you'll be the first & only group to gain this knowledge.

Topics That Matter

Skills like client retention, culture, operations, and leadership are all the things that no one wants to talk about —because no one knows what they are. But they are the keys to growth, stability, and scaling and we've brought the lineup that BACKS IT UP.

Introducing your 9-Figure
Speaker Lineup

All speakers are ACTIVELY operating multiple 8-figure businesses combining for 9-figures per year in revenue and are going to be sharing information that is exclusive to this room of high-end agency owners.

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Eddie Maalouf

Co-Founder BAD Marketing

Eddie is the former CEO of 4MEDIA, which recently merged with Hemon Media to form BAD Marketing.

With over 200 full time hires in the last 2 years, he has been able to put together some of the best minds in marketing under one brand.

Having worked with over 100 8-Figure Brands, Eddie has been able to create strategies in the digital space that have excelled brands to new peaks in profit. He manages this while helping coach young agency owners to find the same success that he has.

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Ashton Shanks

Co-Founder BAD Marketing

Ashton is the former CEO of Hemon Media, one of the fastest-growing direct response agencies in the world,  which recently merged with 4MEDIA to form BAD Marketing.

From humble beginnings of learning marketing from the book Marketing for Dummies, Ashton’s pursuit of excellence unraveled a deep well of passion for marketing, leadership, and business.

Ashton’s unwavering commitment to marketing, leadership, and business has allowed him to build and lead a profoundly innovative and driven team and successfully establish a 8-figure agency.


Nick Shackelford

Founder - Structured Agency, Lucyd, BRĒZ, GeekEx, Konstant Kreative

With a decade of experience in the performance marketing world, Nick has worked with hundreds of brands specifically focused on paid media and creative on Facebook, Instagram, Snap, and Pinterest.

Nick is a partner in Konstant Kreative, Structured Agency, GeekEx Events, Lucyd, and BRĒZ as well as an angel investor and advisor to Motionapp, Northbeam, Triple Whale, MarketerHire, and more.

gary bird

Gary Bird

Founder - SMC National

Gary is the founder of SMC National, an 8-figure dental marketing agency on the Inc. 5000 list 3x, from 2021 to 2023.

Leading with a people-first approach, Gary has achieved 5X growth since 2020.He also hosts multiple podcasts and in-person events.

Gary is driven by all forms of growth - personal, professional and spiritual.


Joel Kaplan

Founder - Agency Lab

Joel is the Founder of Agency Lab, one of the largest 8-figure consulting companies for agencies, and the founder of Agency M&A, a mergers and acquisitions firm for agencies looking to roll up and be a part of a 9-figure exit.

After selling his 200 client agency, Joel started Agency Lab, which has helped over 100 agencies scale to 7-figures a year.

Cody (1)

Cody Jefferson

Founder - Embrace The Lion

Cody is an entrepreneur, investor, keynote speaker, philanthropist and is regarded as a top life and business strategist.

With over two decades of experience, Cody’s coaching and training programs have helped thousands of men and women achieve life changing results in their personal growth, relational intimacy, self-fulfillment, family life, leadership skills and entrepreneurial success


Cole Gordon

Founder - Closers.io

Cole is one of the world’s leading experts on remote high-ticket sales. He’s personally sold more than $10 Million in online coaching, consulting, and agency services over the phone.

Since starting Closers.io, he’s helped over 5,000 people become remote closers and helped 1,000+ business owners build and scale high-ticket sales teams, including Frank Kern, Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Cardone Ventures and many others.

brian burt

Brian Burt

CEO - Canopy Management

Brian is the CEO of Canopy Management, an 8-figure team of 100+ Amazon experts.

His seven-fold recognition with the Two Comma Club award and a singular 2 Comma Club X award further attest to his unparalleled entrepreneurial achievements.

Brian has positioned himself as a leading educator in digital marketing, conducting over 500+ live webinars to impart his expertise.


Dee Deng

CEO - Right Hook Digital

Dee is the Co-Founder and CEO of Right Hook Digital, one of the largest growing agencies in the space.

Right Hook manages millions in ad spend for their growth clients across Australia and the USA.

He currently lives in Australia where he works with his team of over 100 remote employees.

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Jhana Li

CEO - Spyglass Ops

Over the past 5 years, Jhana has been the COO of two 7-figure startups, a high-performance leader to multiple remote teams of 20+ employees, an ops Consultant to over thirty 7- & 8- figure online businesses, and an ops coach to hundreds of digital startups, their CEOs & their Operators.

She currently runs Spyglass Ops, which helps business owners find & hire operations positions with the expertise needed to scale their vision into a reality.





VIP Private Dinner
For VIPs & Speakers Only


For VIPs & Speakers Only



Intro + Session #1


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Breakout Sessions With Speakers & Thought Leaders





Intro + Session #1


Session #2



Session #3


Session #4



Breakout Sessions With Speakers & Thought Leaders



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Have more questions? Email Jordan at [email protected] and she'll take care of any questions you might have!


Dear Agency Owner,

From the desks of Ashton Shanks & Eddie Maalouf:

Over the last 7 years we have made DOZENS of 8-figure connections that opened the door to exclusive events, generated a ton of opportunities, and even directly landed us clients.


The problem is that most events are a pitch fest & not built to genuinely give the attendees the best chance at collaborating with each other and growing. Last year, we changed that. And this year, it’s going to be even better.


One night is a networking mixer event that pretty much gift-wraps and hands you the connections you can build on for life.


Plus, there will be an opportunity to get VIP access to Ashton, Eddie, and all the speakers who will help you brainstorm your personal “plan of attack” to hit your most ambitious agency goals.

Spots are EXTREMELY Limited

If you want us to help you smash your agency goals for the upcoming year… getting better results for yourself and your clients than most agencies will EVER experience… act fast.


Due to space restrictions, we simply won’t be able to accept everyone who wants in. Seats are extremely limited and when they’re gone, they’re gone. So don’t wait till they run out.


Last year we had to cut off ticket sales over a month before the event and we hope you can join before we do so.


Click below to accept your invitation.


Can’t wait to see you there,


- Ashton & Eddie

Have more questions? Email Jordan at [email protected] and she'll take care of any questions you might have!