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Introducing your 9-Figure
Speaker Lineup

All speakers are ACTIVELY operating multiple 8-figure businesses combining for 9-figures per year in revenue and are going to be sharing information that is exclusive to this room of high-end agency owners.

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Eddie Maalouf

Co-Founder BAD Marketing

Eddie is the former CEO of 4MEDIA, which recently merged with Hemon Media to form BAD Marketing.

With over 200 full time hires in the last 2 years, he has been able to put together some of the best minds in marketing under one brand.

Having worked with over 100 8-Figure Brands, Eddie has been able to create strategies in the digital space that have excelled brands to new peaks in profit. He manages this while helping coach young agency owners to find the same success that he has.

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Ashton Shanks

Co-Founder BAD Marketing

Ashton is the former CEO of Hemon Media, one of the fastest-growing direct response agencies in the world,  which recently merged with 4MEDIA to form BAD Marketing.

From humble beginnings of learning marketing from the book Marketing for Dummies, Ashton’s pursuit of excellence unraveled a deep well of passion for marketing, leadership, and business.

Ashton’s unwavering commitment to marketing, leadership, and business has allowed him to build and lead a profoundly innovative and driven team and successfully establish a 8-figure agency.


Nick Shackelford

Founder - Structured Agency, Lucyd, BRĒZ, GeekEx, Konstant Kreative

With a decade of experience in the performance marketing world, Nick has worked with hundreds of brands specifically focused on paid media and creative on Facebook, Instagram, Snap, and Pinterest.

Nick is a partner in Konstant Kreative, Structured Agency, GeekEx Events, Lucyd, and BRĒZ as well as an angel investor and advisor to Motionapp, Northbeam, Triple Whale, MarketerHire, and more.

gary bird

Gary Bird

Founder - SMC National

Gary is the founder of SMC National, an 8-figure dental marketing agency on the Inc. 5000 list 3x, from 2021 to 2023.

Leading with a people-first approach, Gary has achieved 5X growth since 2020.He also hosts multiple podcasts and in-person events.

Gary is driven by all forms of growth - personal, professional and spiritual.


Joel Kaplan

Founder - Agency Lab

Joel is the Founder of Agency Lab, one of the largest 8-figure consulting companies for agencies, and the founder of Agency M&A, a mergers and acquisitions firm for agencies looking to roll up and be a part of a 9-figure exit.

After selling his 200 client agency, Joel started Agency Lab, which has helped over 100 agencies scale to 7-figures a year.

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Cody Jefferson

Founder - Embrace The Lion

Cody is an entrepreneur, investor, keynote speaker, philanthropist and is regarded as a top life and business strategist.

With over two decades of experience, Cody’s coaching and training programs have helped thousands of men and women achieve life changing results in their personal growth, relational intimacy, self-fulfillment, family life, leadership skills and entrepreneurial success

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